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We are happy to be able to present you our Plastic Warrior Package! In this package you'll find: - all the interviews with over 25 experts from our "A Solution to Plastic Pollution" online summit - bonus videos with more exciting speakers which have not been online during the summit - ebook "Pollution - As Within So Without" - Our thoughts on the relation between the pollution of the inner and outer world - ebook "The Summit Handbook" which includes introductions of the speakers, their projects and core messages of the interviews - the "Global Plastic Warrior Meditation" - a wonderful meditation we recorded to download as mp3 We invite you to share our summit with others and get 40 % of every package that inspires one of your friends to become a plastic warrior as well. Please find below more in detail how it works. Anyhow if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us: support@asolutiontoplasticpollutionsummit.com

Kathi & Bart

40% of evey package for you!

The gross price of € 29,90 for the plastic warrior package consists of:

Tax Office PT VAT 23%**:
Digistore24 7,9% +1€:
You get (40%):
Vendor gets (60%):

6,88 €
3,36 €
7,86 €
11,80 €
** The percentage of the VAT depends on your country of tax residence. Digistore24 adjusts that automatically detecting from which country you are buying so no need to worry about that. In our example here we took PT (Portugal) as this is our country of tax residency.

What is a partner program?

You inform your friends, family, co-workers and everyone you know about our free online summit "A Solution to Plastic Pollution" via email, facebook, banner on your homepage etc.

That's it!

If then one of your contacts purchases one of our packages you automatically
receive 40% of the net price.

Easy income without efffort :)

How does it work?

  • If someone of your contacts clicks on your patner link and buys our package (within 6 months), the system recognizes that automatically.

  • The system then straight away credits your commisson to your Digistore24 account.

  • After a Click on your partner link a recognition-cookie is saved in the browser of your contact. If then this contact buys the package the system automatically knows that you brought this contact to our page because of that cookie.

Just 4 steps...

number 1

Step 1: Register at Digistore24

As a first step please register at our payment provider Digistore24 (if you are not registered already). The registration is done in a minute! :)

In case you did not have an account and are registering for the first time you can choose a "role". You can choose between "Vendor" and "Affiliate" or both. Please choose "Affiliate" in case you are only registering for the purpose of recommending and promoting this summit.

number 2

Step 2: Create a partner link

You are logged into Digistore24 as AFFILIATE.

Then please follow this link to Digistore,

which will bring you directly to our promo page.

You'll receive straight away a message that the product was linked successfully.
you have to click on the button "promote now".

Your personal promo link you can find now under "account" - "partners" and then click on the magnifying glass!

For experienced Digistore users:

In case you already have a Digistore24 account you can simply use our promotion link. Just copy-paste your digistore24 ID where now the word AFFILIATE is.

You can easily give your promotion link a nice short form and name here: https://bitly.com
number 3

Step 3: Recommend the summit

  • The best would be if you inform all your contacts about one week before the summit (somewhere around 19th-26th of May) and then again on the first day (27th of May). Like that the maximum of your contacts can enjoy the interviews.
  • Also during the summit it still makes a lot of sense to promote the summit and spread your promo-link to motivate your friends to watch the free videos.
  • Important for posting on Facebook: Once you insert your promo link into a Facebook post there will be a preview picture. Delete that one and upload our Facebook post template picture instead. Otherwiese if somebody clicks on the picture directly the system will not recognize the person came through your promo link.
  • Usually the interest to buy comes in after watching a few videos.
  • Even if your contact buys a package only 6 months after the summit you still get commission.
number 4

Step 4: Get paid :)

If you have spread the word a lot of course you also wanna get your payout. Here is how: Go to your Digistore24 account, log in and go to payout to receive 40 % of all the packages that have been sold through you. You can choose between payout to paypal or your bank account.

The 40 % refer to the net price of a package after deducting the VAT (the percentage depends on the country you are doing your taxes in) and the commission of Digistore. You can find more details here at Digistore24

Where do I get marketing materials?

  • We also offer you ready to go pictures and text for your emails, your webpage and social media posts (click below to be redirected to the folder).
  • If you need more specific pictures or texts please don't hesitate to contact us: support@asolutiontoplasticpollutionsummit.com
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